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    Melton's can build you a custom complete one off High End Bike!!!

    Melton's Cycle is Simply the best at Retro Type builds in the business!!!!!

    We do Limited Runs of colors on new-school complete's.

    We can do custom frames, powder or paint and custom wheel building - all completely done in-Shop with a super-fast tun around time.

    You can own a one-off Custom for the same money as a high-end complete.

    Check out some of the shop's one-off built bikes!

    Subrosa DTT Built up to match a 1987 General Osborn Pro

    All Work done here at the shop!!!

                                    *** 2014 Colony Prody Retro Build ***


     World's Only Sunday 22in Wheel Bikes are built here at Melton's Cycle!!

    Why???? Because we ride this $$$hit  !!!!


                        ***  Custom TRCK STER *** Frame Hand Made here at the Shop***


    *********  We also do 24in Wheel Bikes  **********

    At Melton's Cycle we do not call them Cruiser Bikes. Cuuiser bikes are Lazy and built by big companys looking to cash in!!!

    Our 24in Bikes are true 24in Bikes meant to be ridden as hard as and 20in!!!!