Sunday Black Saker 3pc Crank Kit. 175mm
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Sunday Black Saker 3pc Crank Kit.

 Everything needed to do a install.

.Comes with Mid Bottom Bracket to fit most bikes made from 2003 and up.

Finally a SEALED Chrome 3pc kit that is affordable.This Sunday kit comes with EVERYTHING needed to install. Black 175mm crank arms,19mm spindle and Mid Bottom Bracket and all hardware.***This is the best deal on E-bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a SEALED Bearing KIT!!!!!!!

Crank Arms are 100% Chro-Moly****

Whole KIT!!! Crank Arms,Spindle, Mid Bottom Bracket and Hardware Kit!!!!!!!!

Melton's Cycle is a rider owned shop.We only deal in BMX Bikes and Parts.

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  • Item #: Sunday (Black) Saker(MID) Cranks
  • Manufacturer: Sunday

Sunday Black Saker 3pc Crank Kit. 175mm

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