Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster** Sean Sexton** Black 9 tooth RHD
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**Brand New Odyssey Sean Sexton Clutch Freecoaster Rear Hub**

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Odysseys Sean Sexton signature Clutch freecoaster hub has been in the works for a long while & it's finally here!

The Clutch Hub is based off the traditional coaster hub design, but throws away all of the problematic elements and only keeps the parts that work. Odyssey beefed up the axle, the bearings and the mechanism itself so riders can finally go backwards without spending all of their time fixing the hub.

The hub includes a female axle with a 14mm non-drive side axle bolt and 3/8" drive side bolt with built-in 14mm adapter. This configuration is lighter and stronger than a 14mm solid male axle. The 3/8" drive side bolt provides room for an ultra-long-lasting bearing system in the driver - one of the weakest points on traditional hubs. The 14mm non-drive side bolt is incredibly strong and allows for a larger bore in the axle. Team tested and proven. Patents Pending.

Worth noting, Gary Young (who rides everything) conveniently adjusts his slack on the fly depending on if he is riding street or park, without having to take his wheel off.

  • 9T Chromoly Driver
  • 36H only
  • Heat-treated female chromoly axle
  • Chromoly female bolts (14mm non driveside/10mm driveside)
  • Engagement slack can be adjusted without removing the wheel
  • Includes Plastic non-driveside hubguard


Please call the shop at 704-213-6233 with any questions on the parts!!!!

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  • Item #: Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster
  • Manufacturer: Odyssey

Odyssey Clutch Freecoaster** Sean Sexton** Black 9 tooth RHD

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